Strange Places to Find Credit Card Applications

They're everywhere, and I'm not talking about Kardashians.

Credit card applications.

You can find them at Target, the gas station and Apple. You don't have to have money to 'buy' things these days - it's all free due to the magic of credit!

We noticed a credit card application printed on the back of our grocery receipt. If you got your credit card by scribbling on a receipt, something's wrong.

What's next? A Charmin two-ply credit card app?

On the flight into Hawaii a couple years ago, they gave a presentation and then sent the flight attendants around TWICE to see if we wanted to get their credit card.

"Why yes, I DID reconsider, and I WOULD like to be in debt!"

Since we were a captive audience, it felt like a sleazy timeshare sales pitch.

My tone in the this post probably leads you to think I'm against credit cards.

Au contraire.

I'm simply against not getting a piece of the action...

...Would you like to sign up for the credit card?

The rates are high and the perks are low, but I'll send you a free t-shirt!

What's the silliest place you've seen a credit card for?