Letters to Famous People by Tyler Tarver

Tyler did it again.

He wrote a book that nobody cares about, except everybody.

It's called Letters to Famous People.

It's a collection of letters...to famous people...by Tyler Tarver.

You've probably read some of them on his site but I'm told, or made up in my head, that there's new ones in the book. I'm not really sure. I haven't read the copy he sent me yet, but I loved it and it's totally awesome.

Now, I've read some criticism online about Tyler's previous book, Words and Sentences. One of the critiques was that the topics varied widely and there was no focus. Well, this one's different. It's entirely focused...on letters...to famous people...written by Tyler. It's the most focused Tyler's ever been - Hey, look, a squirrel!

Go check it out. I love the Nolan Ryan letter best.