How to Tip a Belly Dancer

I've never been to a strip club.


My wife and I were strolling along the Riverwalk on our honeymoon. There's a ton of restaurants down there, and we were trying to decide what to have for dinner.

A gentleman in a tuxedo stopped us and asked if we'd like to dine in his fine Italian establishment.

"It's small and cozy, just what a honeymooning couple like yourselves is looking for."

We decided to take a chance and accepted his invitation.

There were only about 5 tables in the entire place. It was quiet and the food was delicious. We couldn't have been happier with our choice.

Then the music started, softly at first.

"That's a lot of cowbell for one song", I thought to myself.

My back was to the rest of the room. Jana was facing into the room, and I saw her eyes go wide.

I turned my head to see what started her, and got a facefull of belly dancer. SHE WAS GYRATING RIGHT IN MY STILL CHEWING FACE.

I jumped back in my seat, unsure how to handle this.

Embarrassed, I stared at my plate, the tablecloth and my new bride.

The married man next to me asked his wife for some ones...which she gave him...and he stuffed in the panties of the belly dancer.

We left some ones, too...on the table as we boogied back out onto the Riverwalk.

Tell me about an awkward social situation and how you handled it.