Photopalooza Party Pack, Part 4 Point 2

This is my old Pathfinder with a custom steel bumper my dad built.
Behind it are a Jeep and Kia Rio that decided to test the bumper. Poor Kia Rio.

I think I'm done playing Draw Something.
Not only am I awful at it (refer to picture), but it doesn't even give you the
right letters to guess what the drawing is (assuming you can figure it out).
Although watching someone guess a terrible
drawing with only gibberish letters can be amusing.

Kitchen Disasters Photo #1 - This is what happens when I
make coffee at work. Good news: I caught the coffee can
before it hit the floor. Bad news: I racked myself whilst doing so.

Kitchen Disasters Photo #2 - Someone burnt a plastic container
on the stove this morning. The smoke was so thick all the way out
the kitchen and down the hall that I truly thought we had a real fire.

They say a picture's worth a thousand words. Describe your favorite!