Barbecued Tramps

  • We visited my cousins this weekend. They have two kids. The oldest is three.
    • My cousin asked me to help him put together a tramp(oline) and some patio furniture while I was there. I suspect he saved these projects for this weekend so he could get out of the house.
    • Asking me to do handyman tasks is like asking your pet rock to do your calculus homework.
  • If you are insane, please do the following:
    • Buy your three year old a tramp(oline)
    • Spend three hours putting together said tramp(oline)
    • Watch your three year old jump on the tramp(oline) for six minutes
  • My three year old niece doesn't ask 'Why?' incessently. She asks 'Are you sure?'
    • If you're dumb, like me, you'll answer this question.
      • Now you have the next 30 minutes to figure out how to stop answering this question.
  • My cousin makes some mean barbecued ribs
    • They were making fun of me and stole my lunch money.
      • I ate them in revenge.

What did you do and/or not do this weekend?