Bacon Mime Clowns

  • So, it turns out we have a supply cabinet here at work and I didn't need to go stealing junk off everyone's desks.
  • It's been crazy busy around work lately. I'm thinking of going on strike. I won't picket - it'll be more like a light nap in the server room.
  • It's been so busy lately that I just want to curl up in the corner and say "Don't hit me no more."
    • I might possibly be sucking my thumb at the same time. Haven't decided yet.
  • Looking for a costume for Halloween? May I suggest the below?
What is this? Is it a Bacon Mime Clown? Let the nightmares begin!
  • Does that ad make you want to use their services?
    • Is it funny that EATon's mascot is bacon?

What's the silliest mascot you've seen?