Subconscious Guest Post for the People, by the People, But Actually by Me

I've had three hours' sleep. You know what that means...

A guest post by my subconscious! Please note I cannot be held responsible for its content.

A user asked me to give her access to her boss' email in the boss' absence. She assured me that even though the boss had not notified me, it was ok. That's adorable.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was a silly movie.

We signed Evan up for swim lessons. This is vital since I plan on dunking him when he's older.

I played the neighbor kid in a game of horse last night. I lost, 5-0. It was an 8 foot rim. I missed a slam dunk. The kid's 8 years old. And I didn't even let him win.

You know you're busy when you turn down free baseball tickets so that you can vacuum and mop instead.

What gives?