Updates, Odd and Ends, Part IIIa, Which Is Unrelated to Part III, Because I Don't Remember What I Wrote Then

  • Jana says I'm weird about my socks. They have to be pulled up as tight as possible. Can't stand loose socks.
  • Can't wait for this here baby to come! I will have a completely blank slate upon which to paint someone's view of the world. Oh, the therapy sessions this kiddo will have.
  • I had sweet tea for the first time today. It was a tragic accident due to mislabeling. Blech! I don't know how you Southerners can stomach that stuff.
    • In Canada, they pour it on pancakes.
  • I hadn't realized what a double time-saver not keeping up with the news can be. Not only do I not waste time on all the dire gloom-and-doom, but it stops coworkers cold when they wander over to my desk and ask what I think of the latest horrible situation unfolding out there.
  • Knox McCoy and Tyler Tarver each have new books. There's new content in each, so if you read their blogs, don't worry about it just being a printed version of the posts. Check 'em out (the books, not Knox and Tyler. They're not that pretty.).
    • That was a weird set of parentheses and periods to juggle there. Probably bunged it up.
    • Get a Kindle version out there pronto, Tyler!
  • This is the last bullet point, because the typing box is full and I hate scrolling.
    • This one doesn't count.
What's the square root of 42, and what does it tell us about the assassination of Abraham Lincoln?


tylertarver said...

Thanks dude.

Simplest radical form is radical 42, and b) everything.

Ricky Anderson said...

That's radical!

When's a Kindle version coming?