Guest Post Swapping, Agent Smith Edition

Today Sharideth Smith, over at A Woman's Guide to Women, and I swapped guest posts. It's like we each took a vacation day to work somewhere else. We're going to have to reevaluate how we do these things.

Read Sharideth's attempt at running my help desk, and then head on over to her site to read my Romantic Dude Scorecard. It'll save lives.

network administrators have my pity.  they possess a level of patience i couldn't attain if i prayed for it for a 1000 years.  i really don't know how they do it.  have you read ricky's stories?!?  of course you have.  this is his blog and all.  i read it, too.  it makes me hate people even more than i already do.
ricky wants me to pretend like he has the day off at work and i have to man the IT phones.

here's how i imagine that might go.

god help us all.


me:  what?
person who is going to try to ruin my day (pwigtttrmd):  i have an error message.
me:  i bet you do.
pwigtttrmd:  do you want to know what it says?
me:  no.
pwigtttrmd:  it says "Access Denied".
me:  you just used air quotes, didn't you?
pwigtttrmd:  what?
me:  nothing.
pwigtttrmd:  what should i do?
me:  i don't know.
pwigtttrmd:  aren't you suppose to know?
me:  i guess so.  what were you doing when you got the error message?
pwigtttrmd:  logging in.  i tried 3 times and then i got the message.
me:  did you forget your password?
pwigtttrmd:  what password?

*thud thud thud*

pwigtttrmd:  what was that noise?
me:  me banging my head on my desk.
pwigtttrmd:  what?
me:  nothing.  you've had a password every day you've logged in since you started working here, what is
pwigtttrmd:  there's no need to take that tone with me.  this is clearly a problem with the computer.
me:  clearly.  what's your password?
pwigtttrmd:  fluffsnagles
me:  what?
pwigtttrmd:  fluffsnagles.  it was the name of my first set of cat slippers.
me:  there's nothing about what you just said that i understand.  how are you spelling that?
pwigtttrmd:  f l u f f s n a g l e s
me:  i've unlocked it.  try again.
pwigtttrmd:  tried it.  it didn't work.
me:  when did you successfully login last?
pwigtttrmd:  before i left for my wedding and honeymoon.
me:  has anything changed since then.
pwigtttrmd:  my name of course.
me:  what is your login name?
pwigtttrmd:  kittytoshiba
me:  that's not what i show here.  it says your login is kittycompaq.
pwigtttrmd:  that's my maiden name.  wouldn't my login automatically change when i got married?  don't computers know these things?
me:  goodbye.

what was the name of your first pair of slippers?

have you ever thought computers should just "know" something they didn't?  confess.  it's good for the soul.