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I thought it would be fun to explain who it is I'm stalking over there on the right side of this page.
(Over there --->>).

FYI, I'm shamelessly ripping this idea off from Joseph Robinson, who did the same thing on his blog last week.
Rob Shepherd - Rob writes about faith, family and skydiving. He's funny and has twins.

Stuff Christians Like - Jon Acuff lampoons the stereotypes of modern Christianity. If you haven't heard of SCL but are reading my blog, then Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

The Connective Lens - Burrill Strong takes sports photos for the Chelsea Standard in Michigan. I'm always jealous of photographers. If you want your pictures out of focus and possibly with one of my fingers in the shot, then I'm your guy! Otherwise, hire Burrill.

A Woman's Guide to Women: A Blog for Men - Sharideth Smith helps guys understand women, while also feeling bad about themselves.

Isaiah and Sara - Isaiah Henni is too kind. I've never actually read a post by his wife, but he gives her credit nonetheless. Isaiah (copy/paste is SO helpful when spelling that name!) writes a devotional Bible lesson 3 days a week, with Thursday and Friday reserved for Tech Support Thursdays and Free Fridays, respectively ('cause it wouldn't make sense otherwise).

Tyler Tarver - Tyler is the most insane twangy math teacher I've ever met. And he raps. It's like a gift.

Joseph Robinson - Joe writes about a lot of things. He's flexible. You can call him Joe, Joseph or Rob. I've called him all three. The main thing to remember about Joe is he's funny.

Bryan Allain - Another blogger who needs no introduction. He's like the blogging world's Godfather.

Jon Acuff's Blog - Different than SCL, Jon uses this blog to encourage others with challenging ideas. Sounds like fluff, but check it out for a week and you'll find out otherwise. One of my new favorites.

Eleventy Million Dollar Blog - Kevin Keigley is funny. Kevin Keigly is weird. Kevin Keeglye has an odd last name.

Tyler Stanton - Oh, Tyler. How you make us laugh.

Matt Cannon - Matt is unstoppable. He has something like 28 kids, a wife and two jobs. Yet he blogs every weekday without fail, and replies to every comment before the commenter can even finish thinking the comment. He's not human, but he is funny...and a pastor who uses each post to teach a bit about Jesus.

Wes Draws - Wes Molebash does something different. He draws. You would know that if you were paying attention.

When Apathy Gets Going - David T. Robbins is probably related to Tyler Tarver, assuming they're not actually the same person.

The Moore You Know - Scott Moore is one of the kindest and funniest guys I know. He's one of my writing heroes, and that list includes Dave Barry and Patrick F. McManus.

Rick Knowles - Rick writes about business and management, but is amusing instead of boring. He's also a bit scary, because I think Rick would fire me if I worked for him. But he's got an awesome name, so maybe I'd be safe...

Knox McCoy - Knox, Knox. Who's there? One of the best bloggers out there. This guy will hit it big; it's only a matter of time...

Some Blog Site - Some Blog Site is written by Some Guy. You should read it Some Time. This title and name often lead to Abbott and Costello scenes with my wife:

Me: I want to read you this new blog post.
Jana: Who wrote it?
Me: Some Guy.
Jana: Can't be that good if you don't even know who wrote it.
Me: Not just some guy, but Some Guy!

Just Say, Ray! - Russ Ray writes about faith in an open an honest way.

All Other Ground Is Sinking Sand - Bull Turnbull is the other half of the former Dr. Awesome.

Pending Clever Name - This is my buddy Chris' blog. You could read his whole blog in about two minutes. He's written more posts for this blog than for his own. Maybe you could help him come up with a clever title.

Jared Clifton - Jared used to blog. He's still funny, but he used to share it. He promises he'll be back shortly when he's finished with his degree next month. We'll see...

Zinger Sandwich - The shortest blog in my RSS feed. I might be the only person I know that is ecstatic whenever a new zinger is out.

Who do you enjoy that I'm missing out on? Plug somebody!



Sgt. Wolverine said...

In the context of modern art, out-of-focus photographs with a finger over the lens would probably be prized.

I'm just sayin' should look into that.

Also, you can't spell "modern art" without "me do rant." I don't know what that means, but it must mean something.

Some Guy said...

Ricky, my 2-year-old has a pretty impressive portfolio of out-of-focus photos with his fingers in the shot. You have some competition for that niche.

Most of my blogroll is family members, so most of you probably wouldn't be as interesting as I am in those. If I have to plug something, I'll vote for Cake Wrecks, even though it's not linked on my blogroll.

Rob said...

Wow. Thanks for the shout!

Scott said...

I can only assume you were using the literary device known as hyperbole in your description of my blog.

Even still, I am blushing.

Ricky Anderson said...

All compliments are sincere!

Now I get to have fun and see which of the folks I read find their way here...

Knox McCoy said...

"If you haven't heard of SCL but are reading my blog, then Happy Mother's Day, Mom!"

I just laughed and laughed at this.

Also, that may be the nicest thing anyone has ever said about me.

tylertarver said...

I gottawork on my British twang. Seriously, thanks for both of the kind write-ups. -David Trobbins

seekingpastor said...

Thanks for including me--and with that many kids I need my own reality show.