And the Winner Is...

So I wrote down all the names on sticky notes, folded them and tossed them in my work bag.

Then I closed my eyes and picked a name.

And the winner is...

The dry cleaners!

Perhaps I should have cleaned out my bag before beginning.

So I found a pot here in the office. I discarded the plant. In someone else's trash can, of course.

Then I tossed in the names.

I shook the pot.

I swirled the pot.

I jumped up and down.

I closed my eyes and picked out a name.

And the real winner is...


Congratulations, Matt. Your copy of Jon Acuff's Quitter is on its way.



Rob said...

Boo. I want a recount. I kid, I kid. I'll just have to buy it like almost...everyone else.

Ricky Anderson said...

Please don't slap me, Rob.