Despicable Me - Guest Post by Sharideth Smith

I'm out of town and/or lazy, so today you get a guest post from Sharideth Smith, the megalomaniac  blogger behind A Woman's Guide to Women. You may remember the time she chained me to my desk and made me write a guest post for her. Take it away, Boss(y)!

i can only assume ricky asked me to guest post because he needs a ratings boost.  fine.  i'll consider this like tithing my time to the less talented.

i'm a giver.

i write a relationship advice blog for dudes.  it's probably why he's still married.

i let ricky guest post for me once.  i think it was because that seemed like a better idea than just going dark for a day.  he wrote the story of my worst date ever from my date's perspective.  it totally made me blow chunks of disgust for his lack of empathy for my pain.  i guess people liked it or whatever.

you people seem to like him fine, too, so there's that.  good for him.

but what's up with Jon Acuff sending him an advanced copy of Quitter to review and not me?  doesn't he know i could have given him the full force of my tens of readers?  ricky?  really?  i don't even give him capital letters for his name.  Acuff, you and i are going to have to have a chat.

does it concern anyone else that ricky is breeding?  i've never met his wife, but i have to assume she's way out of his league.  who wouldn't be?  let's hope the child gets all of her DNA.  i await the birth almost as much as the poop stories that are sure to follow.

i also have never understood his twitter name.  arthur2sheds?  his name is ricky.  r.i.c.k.y.  arthur2sheds sounds like someone gave him a native american name as a joke and he bought it.  apparently runswithscissors was taken.

i beat him like cake batter at Words With Friends.  that's all i have to say about that.

if i'm being honest, and i always am, i do sometimes enjoy ricky's tech support posts.  he gets all superior in them and that's cute.  he does know more about PCs than i do.  which really doesn't matter since i use a Mac.  but i'm sure there are people out there who still find PCs useful.  their need to constantly reboot is just job security for ricky.  again, good for him.

that's all i have for today, kids.  go ahead and leave some comments.  just make sure you don't go overboard on talking about how amazing this post was.  we don't want ricky to feel bad now,  do we?

and ricky...

congrats on the offspring.  i'm sure your wife will make an excellent parent.



Rob said...

With guest posts like this who needs critics. Very funny stuff.

Russ said...

I always thought Arthur2Sheds was either a rap name or an indication that he liked the Dudley Moore movie and had two small buildings in the backyard.

Ricky Anderson said...

Rob, Sharideth is available to anyone's biggest critic. You don't even have to pay her.


Russ, Arthur2Sheds is a reference to an old Monty Python sketch.

My rap name is a secret, but bonus points if you can guess it.

gabriella said...

Yeah... why do only the cool people get early copies of Quitter? (And then say on twitter, hey @jonacuff thanks for the awesome early copy. It was SO good.)

Ricky Anderson said...

That's an easy one to answer, Gabriella.

Because not saying thank you would just be rude.

Thanks for stopping by!

gabriella said...

(shakes head...) :)


you're welcome.
(just like barats and bareta say in this video: )