Levels of Geekery

If you've ever hung around a pack of wild geeks, you know what I'm talking about. Someone will talk about the latest gadget, and then the fun begins!

The Dabbler: I heard Blackberry came out with a new tablet. It's supposed to be better than the iPad.

The Hobbyist: That's what Gizmodo said, but you can never trust them for objective reviews.

The Midlevel, Normal, Reasonable Geek: You have to take everyone's opinion with a grain of salt. I think the iPad is still the best because it's the same price and there's more apps available. Plus, I heard Blackberry's tablet doesn't even have native email support.

The Beta Geek: That's like Apple making an iPod that doesn't support music!

The Alpha Geek: Well, it does support full 1080p video, which is nice, but the screen's smaller and the buttons are in odd places. This doesn't threaten the iPad. The real threat to the iPad is Android, regardless of the device the end user chooses. You see, vendor lock-in and proprietary software are the bane of the tech industry...

What level are you? Did I miss any?