Evan's Christmas Wish List

Work's throwing a Christmas party this weekend. They asked what each employee's kid(s) would like as a (small) gift from Santa.

Evan's three months old.

He would like to stare at the ceiling fan for an hour, and maybe the Christmas tree for a bit as well, if there's time before his nap.

Since he can't tell us what he would like, we have to speak for him.

I'm no dummy. I won't likely have this opportunity again.

I asked for a robot (small). Or a tank (also small).

They also asked us to tell them something special about our child so they could personalize their Santa visit.

I didn't know it until I was writing it, but Evan:

  • Excels at trigonometry
  • Knows all his Boy Scout knots
  • Is researching the missing link
  • Built a nuclear reactor in his crib
    • This is true most mornings
This is going to be a great Christmas party!

What can your kiddo? What do you want for Christmas?

This post telegraphed straight from Serenity.