The Gift

Evan after he's had his coffee.

My son, my son.

We waited for you for years. We asked God when He would give you to us.

He said, "Wait."

We went to the doctor.

He said, "If you give me lots of money."

We did.

God said, "Not yet."

We were sad.

Your mom wanted to hold you. I wanted to throw a baseball with you.

The doctor said, "You can't."

We were sad.

Then came Christmas. That's when we found out you were on your way!

As I sit here rocking you to sleep in our squeaky armchair, I am overwhelmed by how wonderful you are.

I love you. And you remind me of how much my heavenly Father loves me.

And maybe someday he'll give you someone as special as he gave me.

God, never let me take this for granted.