I'm always amazed by people who diet.

Some folks are crazier than others, like Rob Shepherd (Weight Watchers and excercise?!?).

Dieting is part of yet another culture I don't understand, like marathon runners, hunters and bikers.

I get on the scale and measure my progress. When it goes up, I think "Well, a beer and half a pizza will do that to you."

When I want the numbers to go down, I don't eat breakfast or lunch for a day or two. Then I don't have to worry about how many carbs this is, or how organic that is.

I also don't have to go to the Hurting Place. The thing about the Hurting Place is that it hurts. I'm not up for that. I took a quick poll, and all my muscles agree that not hurting is what they like best.

What do you do about dieting and exercising?