7 Tips for Taking Your Kids to Their First Baseball Game

I love baseball. So do you (I'm not asking; I'm telling). Chances are your kids do, too.

Here's some tips for you and your kids when going to their first baseball game:

1. If you've got a minor league team, start there. Take the opportunity to meet the stars now, because they'll be too stuck up later. I've met Eric Karros, Mike Piazza and Pedro Martinez when they played for the Albuquerque Dukes. They were all friendly then - now they won't even return my calls.

2. Minor league tickets are cheaper. You'll rarely have to mortgage anything to see a game, but paying for big league tickets can turn a minivan-driving dad into a drug dealer.

3. Let your kids bring their tiny baseball gloves. Not only will they feel important, but they'll have something to protect you with when a line drive heads your way.

4. 25¢ hot dog night. Don't stop until you're too full to waddle to the car!

5. Don't forget to yell 'CHARGE!', or the terrorists win. This applies to The Wave as well.

6. If you jump up to catch a foul ball, take note of where you're going to land. Upon landing, I had a very personal and painful moment with an armrest at the Arizona Diamondbacks stadium. You only forget this tip once!

7. Learn the songs. If you don't know the national anthem or 'Take Me Out to the Ballgame', you're just a fool watching everyone else have fun. And they'll probably put you on the big screen.

What do you love about going to baseball games? What advice would you give others?