Racy Ideas

While on vacation last week, we got to witness the 101st running of the oldest trail race in America. And by witness, I mean we slept in while all the crazy people ran in the street below our hotel window. There was lots of cheering, which I suspect was for the runners and not for us. I really couldn't be bothered to get up and look out the window to check.

Because that's the thing about running, folks - it's always the same thing. I run, you run, one of us is faster and wins. Yada yada yada. Nothing truly exciting ever happens (with the exception of last year's running of this race - an 8-year-old girl won the race!).

My wife and I were thinking of ways to spice things up (in the race). We thought of several new categories you running-types might be interested in:

The 10K Skip - Skipping is not only more fun than running, but it's actually harder to do. You're basically jumping and waving your arms around. If you can do this for a 10K, then you get to keep your Man Card. If you fizzle out halfway down the block, then you've just become a man who skips down the street and gets funny looks.

The 5K Cartwheel - Cartwheeling is hard. Cartwheeling for 5K is epic. And dizzying. I assume.

The Wheelbarrow Marathon - You and a buddy, doing the Wheelbarrow. For 26 miles. You'd better pick somebody you like!

The Crabwalk Half Marathon - You might be a bit crabby when you finish this one.

The Pogo Stick Trail Race and Obstacle Course - This might be the only one I'd actually enter. This race would definitely have its ups and downs, but I think it'd be worth it.

Which race would you enter? What other races would you create?