Risky Business

My mom had quite the incident a few months ago.  She fell down some stairs at work and broke her leg.

She immediately knew it was broken because:

A.  She heard it snap.

B.  She felt it snap.

C.  She saw the bone pushing her skin out where it snapped.

Now, my mom is very intelligent, but she's no doctor.  Aware of this shortcoming, her coworkers immediately called an ambulance to escort my mom to someone who was.

At the hospital, the nurses must not have known what to do.  They tried putting Mom in a room and closing the door.  This did not fix her leg, even after several hours.

Next, they x-rayed her leg.  This did not fix it, either.

After several hours, they decided drastic measures were necessary.  They called in a doctor.

He reviewed the x-rays.  He asked Mom to describe what happened.  He looked at her leg.

"Your leg is broken", he said.  We were all amazed.

They admitted Mom to the hospital for a few days.  She had surgery.  The doctor used plates and screws to put the bone back together, kinda like a gruesome Erector set.

Then they put an wristband on her.  It was yellow, with bright red letters.

"FALL RISK", it read, in all caps.

"Now they tell me", sighed my mom.