News and Updates

Fighting broke out today in the Gaza Strip

- Adobe Acrobat is ready to install an update -

Stay tuned to find out what a Kardashian wore to some awards ceremony

- Adobe Flash Player is ready to install an update -

Team coverage of your 5 day forecast begins now

- Adobe Updater is ready to install an update -

Crime is up in populated areas; stay tuned to find if your neighborhood will be burned to the ground next

- Java has downloaded an update and is begging for you to install it -

Your officials are corrupt and there's nothing you can do about it; investigative report at 10:00

- Seriously, Java would really like you to install the latest version; the one it installed 12 minutes ago is obsolete -

Natural disasters! Are they natural? Our experts say yes, also no.

Everything's new and updated, but not much really changes, does it?