Changeup, Chapter 12

"It's all set, Joe."

"Thanks, Mike. I'm glad you're handling this. I wouldn't know who to trust otherwise."

"Known you since you came up to my knee, Joe. I'm glad to help you through this anyway I can. The trust is set up in your name, just like your dad directed in his will."

"What about Mom?"

"He left her his retirement accounts. The house is paid for and she'll receive monthly payments. She's fine."

"I still feel like I'm stealing from her."

Mike laughed.

"Don't, Joe. Your dad wanted it this way."

"But Mom said he thought the stock certificates were worthless."

"He did, at first. Then when he saw me about his retirement accounts, he mentioned them. Said his dad had held on to them as a lesson for him. Never trusted banks or investments after the crash. He lost everything, you know."

"I've heard the stories."

"I told your dad they were worth quite a bit. He said he wanted to leave them to you. Didn't even want to know the amount. Just wanted to know you'd be fine."

"This is crazy. I'll be more than fine!"

Mike laughed again.

"I know, Joe. Have fun."