The Listening Lottery

My coworkers play the lottery. I don't. This leads to lively discussions about money, math and being super rich. When I came in today, one of my co-workers said, "Well, I'm here so we obviously didn't win, but you know if we did we'd still split it with you, right?" Now THIS is the way to play the lottery!

I started my new job on 12/31/12. I got a letter this week thanking me for my perfect safety record in 2012. I felt it was well-earned. I'm going to list it on my accomplishments when review time comes around.

In business school, we learned the best way to launch a fast-growing and profitable business was to identify a need and fill it before someone else does. I've noticed that these days, everyone's talking and nobody's listening. However, I'm often told I'm a great listener, so...feel free to talk to me. Right there on your laptop. Just speak straight at my blog's homepage, and I'll listen. Then just send me a check for a nominal fee. Tell your friends!

Tell me whatever you want - I'm listening!