Bilingual Chickens - Guest Post by Bryan Logan

I'm taking the day off today.

I realize that's not much different from most days. Quiet, you.

Today we have a guest post from Bryan Logan - blogger, programmer, inventor, astronaut.

Bryan and his wife just had their third tax deduction, and are still managing to function. This blows me away. We have one and I have a hard time keeping up. You're a machine, Bryan...but one of those cool machines like in a Dr. Seuss book, not a fax machine.

So I was at Emma's choir concert. They had a song called "ki-ke-ri-gū", which is the Latvian equivilant of "cockadoodledoo".  That got me thinking, what if roosters actually spoke different languages (or at least had accents), that humans couldn't tell.  If you brought over a French rooster, would all the other chickens think he was exotic and awesome?  And would the American rooster be all, "Buck buck buck buck buck" (that joke is probably funnier if you speak Chicken).

I took some Spanish in high school and watched a lot of Dora the Explorer when the girls were younger, but I can't speak it that well.  I'm in awe of those people that can speak two languages and just flip in-between without any hesitation. Me? I get distracted when I have to figure out a single word.  I could be watching a movie and someone could say, "Hey, let's go get some empanadas" and instantly my mind has to run through trying to remember what an empanada is.

The closest I get to being bilingual is that I can watch a British TV show (this gives me a chance to namedrop Downton Abbey, Doctor Who, or the IT Crowd for SEO points) and do instant translations of words that are slightly different.  "Oh, hey guys, I just got back from holiday" and my mind instantly goes, "Oh yeah, he's not talking about Christmas, Easter, or Flag Day, he's talking about vacation."  Yeah, you go mind.  And after watching many episodes, it finally sunk into my head that "quid" is slang for "pound", much like "buck" is slang for "dollar".  Yay me!

Do you have trouble translating Mexican foods?