High Five for the Domesticated Bacon!

I think most men wouldn't mind being domesticated if they could choose their own level of domestication. Put the toilet seat down? No problem!

Yesterday I found myself in a serious discussion about duvet covers.


I wish all folks were as easy to please as my son. When my boss got upset at something, I'd just say "High five!", and move on.

One of the biggest perks of adulthood is the ability to control your own bacon intake.

If you're sick a friend of mine, I'll be happy to help in any way...from far away, like if you need me to Google something for you.

I almost got hit in the crosswalk this morning by an SUV. I was in the right, so I threw my hands up and stood my ground as the maniac drove around me (my light was green, he was running a red light). It was only two minutes later when I had calmed down that I realized how stupid I was. You can be dead and still be right. I should have boogied out of the way...but I'm an idiot.

I have two cartoon desk calendars. Everyone loves it when I tear them off and hand them out. So I think that's good job security, yes?

How many light bulbs are out in your house right now?