Rental Cows and Depressed Cigarettes

We are so frequently out of milk that I just need to buy my own cow. Or rent one. Or however that works for city folk.

When I was in IT, I always assumed the users sat around not doing their work while they brainstormed ways they could get IT to do it for them. Now that I'm no longer in IT, I can confirm that suspicion.

In order to be a proper cubicle worker, one must eat early. And often.

Except the crust, the part of the pizza that has no sauce or cheese is there to make you sad. If you receive a pizza like this in a restaurant, never frequent that particular establishment again. Trip, don't tip, the waiter.

Our departmental copier machine went out again this morning. The Boss told IT she wanted a root cause analysis after it was fixed. I thought that was fairly obvious - it's a copier machine. All copier machines are garbage. 

That's why the repairman always looks depressed and defeated. That's also why you see him daily.

The coffee this morning was particularly awful. Usually it's good, but today it tasted like old cigarettes. Don't ask me how I know that, Mom.

Are pancakes better in the winter or the summer?