Canada, We Have to Talk

I went to the grocery store last night to get salsa for the taco salads we were having for dinner. We were out of salsa because Jana didn't hide it and went to work, leaving me and the salsa all alone together. Poor planning on her part, right? The populace of the grocery store was mostly guys on the phone with their wives telling them they couldn't find anything, which I mentioned to Jana when I called her to tell her they were out of the kind she likes best.

I don't understand people that live in cold locations. One time in Kansas, my eyebrows froze. Think about that. That means it's too darn cold. Another time in Nebraska, it was -14 F. That means Nebraska was in debt to the sun. So my new personal weather rule is that if the snow in my area ever covers my shoes, I'm moving. You guys realize you don't have to live in cold places, right? I'm looking at you, Canada.

Evan had a rough night, so after I got him settled again, I decided to turn it into an opportunity and go to work early. Got here at 5:15. That's when I realized I had forgotten the key to our department's door. I asked security to let me in. The head guard said, "I can do that for you Sir, but you need to know that I'll have to write your name down on the list." Really? The list that provides documentation I came in before anyone else? Oh, NO!

What's the coldest you've ever been?