Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Part II

I feel like an Internet dating service today, but I promise you - it's all platonic. Probably. I might want to look that up first.

Here we go.

Rob Shepherd (@robshep, asked for "funny people that make me think about tech, sports, and Christianity." I don't know much about sports, but for the rest? To you, Rob, I give Rick Knowles. You're welcome.

TJ (@tjcapalla, teejay82.tumblr.compeanutbuttercupmoment.tumblr.comasked for "inspirational stuff". Have some Tony Alicea, TJ. Enjoy.

Russ Ray was half asleep / delusional. So for you, Russ? Tyler Tarver.

Renée A. Schuls-Jacobson wants pop culture. Feeling a little stuck on this one. How about some TV AsylumRenée? You'll get a range of topics by a range of different folks. And maybe some unicorns.

Chad Jones wants "fiction, non-fiction, Christianity, humor, blogging, and butterscotch flavored terra cotta siding". Chad, you already know almost every blogger I know, so I'm going to focus on your fiction request. Which is different than your fictitious request. Have you tried the Infinity Manuscript?

Larry Hehn (@larryhehn and wants a combination of "humor and insight for Christian living". You already know Rob Shepherd, right? Well...go meet him again. Sorry this recommendation's not new, but Rob is the best for what you asked for.

Daniel Carman says "I will not tweet. Not in a box, not with a fox." No, Dan(iel), you may not. But you do blog, and you'd even blog with a dog in the bog, right? Thus, check out my friend Some Guy.

Ken Hagerman ( a lot of words and I got overwhelmed. But one of those words was humor, so Ken - go follow @sgtwolverine. He's the funniest guy I follow on Twitter.

Burrill (@sgtwolverine) wants funny. Jamie Golden is funny. Jared Clifton is, too. But you? EVERYBODY should follow you!

Stephen Haggerty (@StephenHaggerty) wants creativity. Stephen, meet my best friend Chris. He's the most creative guy I know. His Twitter feed has a heavy tech focus, but ask him anything and I guarantee a creative answer, regardless of topic.

Some Guy asked for more Network Administrator Diaries. On it's way, SG, on it's way.

Ok, your turn. Who do you like to follow on Twitter? Whose blog do you enjoy?