Private Public Internet Confessions

  • Remember when I offered a guest post for your blog if you voted for Team Ricky in the Blogging All-Star Challenge? Yeah, no one took me up on that.
    • Confession: Feelin' pretty awesome about that. I got the votes without the follow-through! Let me know if you'd like to change that.
  • I'm not your typical IT guy - I'm a people person.
    • Confession: If you're in my office talking about your marriage woes and foot ailments (yes, both of these have happened), I will turn on the Typical IT Guy Mode. I'll grumble, mention gigasomethings, and stare at my screen moodily until you leave. Best of both worlds!
  • Evan's birthday is coming up. He'll be one. Jana's having a hard time with this.
    • Confession: I couldn't be more excited. Every day older he gets is another day closer to when I'll be able to throw a ball around with him at the park. I don't want him to stay a baby. Is that bad?

What would you like to anonymously with your name privately confess on the World Wide Internet?