Hank's Fruitless Pajamas

  • There's a new user starting today. This person has a complex name. For simplicity's sake, I think we should hire only folks with names that are easy to pronounce and spell, like "Hank".
    • Although I don't think this lady would make a good "Hank".
  • When someone is grumpy with you and then tells you they're not a morning person...and they're still grumpy in the afternoon...that makes them not an afternoon person...and if they're still grumpy, like all the time...does that make them not a person?
    • I'll go ask "Hank", since that's who I'm talking about.
  • I've worn the same pair of pajama pants for 7 years. The other night, I discovered they have a back pocket. You know, in case I need my wallet in bed.
  • Being a vegan doesn't mean leading a fruitless life.
  • An apple a day will make you wonder why you're out of apples so soon.
  • Let sleeping babies lie. You can teach 'em honesty when they're older.
    • And more awake.

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