Cheerio From Steve, the British Hard Drive

  • I'm not sick. It's just allergies.
    • Or maybe another sinus infection.
  • If I only ever speak to my son in a British accent, he will grow up thinking he's British.
      • Cheerio!
  • You should lock your front door.
    • One time I didn't, and a guy walked in with a three foot tall speaker and asked if Steve was home.
      • So unless your name is Steve and you want to rock your face off, lock your door.

Boss: Can you print this database for me?

Me: *Twitch* No, databases can't be printed.
Boss: Why not?
Me: Probably copyright issues.

Client: Did you get docs on the hard drive I sent you along w/ the hard copies?
Me: No, just the drive.
Client: They're on the drive.

Did this post seem longer because I formatted it funny? Didn't work in school, either.