Beautiful Absurdity

We had a conference call the other day with one of our clients, a large bank. I can't tell you the name of the bank, but I can tell you it's a large Bank in the country Of America.

The call was with their legal department for training on a web site we have to use with them.

The lady running the show told us we had to do a conference call instead of a GoToMeeting presentation because, and I quote, "You guys aren't on our network."

Which is kinda the point of GoToMeeting.

Then she tells us, from memory, about each button to click on and what she 'thought' it did.

Turns out she was driving home and just yapping on her cell phone whilst doing so to cover the fact she wasn't in the office.

We found this out about 15 minutes in when she said, "Hold on, I have to pull over for the fire trucks."

Then we heard sirens for 45 seconds.

This was not just a call with our local office. There were many other firms across the country on the line.

The lady then continues by yapping about submitting certain reports with a new cover sheet. The cover sheet will be required. They will not accept the report without the new cover sheet.

This reminds me of the TPS reports cover sheet scene in the movie Office Space, so I write on my notepad "We are using the new cover sheet on all our TPS reports."

Fast forward a bit, and the lady starts carrying on about them again. My boss, glancing at my notepad, cuts in and says, to everyone across the nation, "Yes, we know about the cover sheets. We're using them on all our TPS reports."

At this point I got up and left.

What's the most absurd thing that's ever happened to you, ever, last week?