The Art of One-Upmanship - The IT Wars, Round 1

Chad Jones is a fellow IT guy.

You might think that makes us kindred spirits.

You'd be wrong.

While pleasant and civil, we IT folks do have a competitive streak.

Chad challenged me to a game of one-upmanship. He started by launching a campaign to get people to email me asking me to get on Facebook.

That's adorable, Chad. Such a beginner, you are.

I thought I'd take it easy, too.

So I nabbed his IP address from when he visited my site and scanned port, of course.

After silently gaining control of his system, I deleted all his music. I would have deleted the backups, but like a true IT guy, he didn't have any. We just tell other people to make backups, but we rarely do it ourselves.

I wasn't entirely mean, though.

I filed his taxes for him.

Notice I say 'filed', and not 'paid'.

Hope you like second mortgages, Chad!


What else should I do to Chad?