What Would You Do?

My wife and I were at one of those hippie organic foods stores the other day, picking up hippie organic food. I believe it may have been called 'fresh produce' or some other hippie name.

Anyway, I digress. While I was holding the basket and staring at walls in boredom, I saw a man walk up to a display of the fancy cheese blocks ('hippie cheese') and put one in his coat pocket.

He was out of the produce section in a flash.

Now I had a dilemma:

  • I could tell one of the employees and risk a very awkward scene.
    • What if he changed his mind and had ditched the cheese in another aisle?
  • I could say nothing and let it go. Literally.
    • What if he needed hippie cheese to survive on in the wilderness and monkeys had stolen all his money?

What would you do?