The Oddest Things I've Ever Been Asked At Work

  • Do you have a drill?
    • Yes, I keep it right here next to the servers. I often need to use a drill on the servers.
  • I went to open the refrigerator door, and it just fell off. Can you help me put it back on?
    • Wow. Remind me not to tick you off, Mrs. Hulk. Let me get my drill.
  • Can you rub my shoulders?
    • I can, but I won't.
      • Weirdo.
  • Want to see Winky?
    • I don't care if you did name your pet turtle a weird name; I'm not a pet person and this is an office. Get that thing out of here.
      • And that sounded really creepy.
  • Can I go to the bathroom, Sir?
    • Yes, Junior Staffer who just started today - the Network King has granted your request.
What odd things have you encountered at work?