Working Like a Dog

What's worse than bringing your dog to work?

Bringing BOTH your dogs to work!

Especially when they make more noise than a pig going through a woodchipper.

We work in an office.  The same reason you have to wear clothes and refrain from scratching yourself during meetings is the same reason you should not bring your pets to work.  It's not professional, so you don't do it.

And if you have the audacity to bring both your dogs to work, please refrain from placing the yappers on the front desk!

And if you have the lack of brain function to stop yourself from placing them on the front desk, please don't let them eat the flowers and visitor sign-in sheet!

And if you lack the self-control needed to protect our office from your mutts' tiny jaws, then please don't forget your poop baggie!

As your system administrator, I sincerely wish you the best of luck logging in tomorrow.

What happened to your account?

My dog ate it.