When I'm Seventy

When I'm seventy, I think I'll have all kinds of fun.

I'll have a cane whether I need it or not. I'll hit people with it. I'll steal people's newspapers and mail and flowers. Then I'll redistribute them to complete strangers.  I'll be like the unwanted, grumpy Robin Hood.

I'll go jogging, or better yet - speed walking! I hear it's all the rage with the oldies. Then, when I'm nice and sweaty, I'll go ride elevators for fun. And I just might forget to use Old Spice. Oops!

While I'm busy stinking up the elevators, I'll hit all the buttons so no one can make a quick escape. I'll tell them how it was in my day. Then I'll complain about music, technology, and disrespect. Then I'll mix all three and gripe about teenagers.

I'm looking forward to being seventy.