Walky-Talky Cost A Lotty

I'm on a Verizon unlimited data plan (3G). If I upgrade to the LTE network, I'll get faster data speeds, but will lose the unlimited plan. Verizon says the average smart phone user consumes 1-2GB of data per month. In the first week of my billing cycle, I used 3.5GB. I checked the price sheet, and it's safe to say I'll be sticking with the unlimited plan for a while.

I think it's crazy that I can spend $50/month for unlimited FAST data for every device in my house, but to get slow data for my phone and Jana's, it's $60/month. I realize it's harder to provide data to a device that moves around the country, but it still seems a bit lopsided.

Jana used .03GB in the same time period. I think it's because half the time she can't find her phone. Also, she uses it for talking. What a waste...doesn't she know it has Netflix on it?!?

Do you use a smartphone? What kind of plan? Any tips for justifying the extra expense of faster data speeds to Jana?