A Century in the Amazon of Dreams on the Internet for Cheap

You're never too old to start your dreams.

My 92-year-old grandpa has always dreamed of writing a book. Instead, he was an attorney for 60 years. But he always kept that dream in the back of his mind.

And now? He just self-published his first book.

It's called Legal Fables. You can get it on Amazon. It's short. It's funny. It's informative. It's $5.

My aunt did it for him. He doesn't even know it's sold on the Internet, partially because he's still not sure what the Internet is.

She told him when folks asked where they could pick up a copy of the book, he should just say "Amazon". He's not sure what that means, but he knows to say it.


Do it.

For the chirren.

What's your dream?