Tic-Tac Socks

I'm a compulsive Tic-Tac purchaser (the orange kind, if you're Christmas shopping for me). I buy them in the grocery store checkout line whether I'm out of stock or not (usually not). But then I lose them. I find them later in random spots. Glove box, bedside table drawer, office desk. Then I'm happily surprised. They're like little love gifts to myself.

We took Evan for his first haircut the other day. They gave him a certificate. I want to be rewarded for basically not throwing a fit. Of course, I realize by complaining about this I've disqualified myself. Rats.

Once again, the University of New Mexico did not make it to the New Mexico Bowl. Go Lobos!

I need new socks.

Today is my sister's birthday. She's 29 again. I wonder if she needs socks?

What are you snacking on?