Let's Get Political - Guest Post for Chad Jones

I'm finally back.

Except, not really.

Today I'm over at my friend Chad Jone's''s"" place. Sorry about that last sentence, Mom. This is your last year as an English teacher, so I'm already starting to get a bit lax about my English skillz.

Unless you're a hermit (like me), you know that three things happen on a 4-year schedule:

1. Leap Years - kinda cool, unless you're the one with a birthday on February 29th ("You're only 7? Ha! Betcha never heard that before!").

2. The Olympics - Where the US ends every debate with "Michael Phelps - BAM!"

3. The Elections - This is when you wish you were a hermit and could just turn the world off for a bit.

Since I've already written about the Olympics and don't much to say about Leap Years, I jump into the wonderful world of politics. It's kinda like stepping in gum.

Who would your write-in candidate be?