How To Put Me Down

Most funerals are sad. Nobody thinks, "I can't wait to go to So-and-So's funeral - it'll be a blast!"

That's about to change.

I want to have a rockin' funeral.

I want to ride in on a Zamboni. Everyone can take turns driving my little urn around.

The music will be Five Iron Frenzy...and only Five Iron Frenzy.

The food will be a big pizza potluck. We'll settle the debate of who makes the best pizza in town by having all of them.

The service should be webcast live for my virtual friends...and the people in the audience will have posters and randomly stand up with them to display "pop-up ads".

The eulogy will be written by my buddy Chris. It will be a Mad Libs eulogy. Everyone will get to read theirs. Funniest one gets a prize.

What should the winner's prize be? What do you want at your funeral?