Covert Op: Mission FUBAR

User: Do you have an email address?

Me: Really? I'm the IT guy...


User: HELP! My email doesn't work!

*I hurry over to the user's desk*

Me: Ok, let me take a look.

User: Hold on, I have to finish sending this email.


User: I received this email and I'd like you to take a look and tell me if you think it's spam.

*Brief glance at poorly-written email ("You won, Click the open attachment fore downloading of you're free iPad!!!")*

Me: Yup, it's spam.

User: How can you tell?

Me: Did you enter a contest to win an iPad?

User: No.

Me: Then I'm guessing you didn't really win.

User: But what if I did?!?

Me: You didn't.


And then there's me. I was so tired the other day I was no longer thinking straight. The Boss had asked me to download a PowerPoint presentation from the client's site. I saved the file on my desktop and started to send it to her. I couldn't find it. I looked and looked, but I just couldn't find that silly Excel spreadsheet anywhere...then it dawned on me...

Rat yourself out - what's something dumb you've done lately?