Making It Count

You may have thought this was yet another abacus post, but it's not.

We're having our roof redone. It's under warranty since the builder didn't do it right (I don't know the specifics. They keep roofs up high, where I am not).

The contractor sent to do the work could have just slapped a new roof on and marched away. They didn't have to make me happy; I'm not the one paying them.

However, the crew they sent did a spectacular job. They are ahead of schedule. They were friendly. They cleaned up after themselves, thoroughly.

So I called the owner of the roofing company. I commended him and his crew. He was floored to hear such good things. I guess when you're in charge, you hear all the complaints and few of the compliments.

He took a routine warranty job and made it count. If I ever need roofing services again, he'll get the job. If friends or family need a roofer, he'll get the referral.

It's easy to throw your hat at something. It's also easy to complain.

But it makes a difference when you do your best...and earn the reward.

Give me an example of great service you're received!