Suing Santa

Grandma                                                         *          IN THE
            Plaintiff                                               *          CIRCUIT COURT
v.                                                                     *          FOR
Santa Clause                                                  *        CIVIL ACTION NO.: xxx-xxxxx
            Defendant                                          *          
            *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *

Grandma, Plaintiff, by Screwem and Suem, LLC, her attorneys, sues the defendant, Santa Clause, and in support, states as follows:
  1. Grandma, Plaintiff, is a resident of Arkansas.
  2. Santa Clause, Defendant, is a resident of the North Pole.
  3. The Defendant regularly visits and is engaged in business in Arkansas.
  4. This action arises from a sled accident which occurred on December 24, 2011 at the intersection of 12th Street and Vixen Road. Both are public roads in Arkansas.
  5. On December 24, 2011, the Plaintiff, Grandma, was carefully and prudently walking home on the sidewalk, when she was violently struck from behind by the Defendant's reindeer, named Rudolph.
  6. At the same time, a sled pulled by reindeer and operated by Santa Clause, Defendant, was traveling, and ran over the Plaintiff, causing the Plaintiff to sustain serious personal injuries.
  7. All of the Plaintiff's losses and injuries were, are and will be due solely to and by reason of the carelessness and negligence of the Defendant, Santa Clause, without any negligence or want of due care on the Plaintiff's part contributing thereto.
    WHEREFORE, this Plaintiff claims ONE BILLION DOLLARS ($1,000,000,000.00) in damages.
    Respectfully submitted,
    Screwem & Suem, LLC

    No wonder Santa goes by so many names and has an unlisted address...

    Nathan Fillian has resigned as Santa Clause.