Invisible Pizza Babies

I was picking up dinner at a local pizza joint the other night. I had called ahead and was picking up our order in the drive-thru.

The teenage girl who was running the window confirmed our order and reached to take my debit card. She froze as she looked in my back window, then squealed with delight.

Drive-thru Lady: Your baby is CUTE!

Me: Um...

DTL: Wait, where IS your baby?

Me: At home. Asleep.

DTL: But I see the car seat.

Me: Isn't it cute?

When she left to ring my card, I couldn't help laughing as I picked up my phone to pass the time.

She came back to the window, saw me on my phone, and said sheepishly, "You're posting that on Facebook, aren't you?"

"No", I said, as I posted it on Twitter. "Absolutely not."

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