Changeup, Chapter 25

Joe stared at the letter. He had no idea what it meant.

He glanced over the top of it, and then gently let it fall from his fingers to the desk.

Ms. Primrose met his stare and raised an eyebrow.

"Ok, Annette. What does this even mean?"

"Ms. Primrose, thank you, and it means you have to come up with funding for a new stadium by the start of next season."

Joe coughed, and coffee splattered on the letter.

"What?!? Why?"

"New rule. Stadiums can't be more than 40 years old. Trying to maintain a big-league image, after all."

"How old is ours?"

"Kauffman Stadium is 41 years old."

"Then this isn't about the age of the stadium. Someone wants me out. What other stadiums are affected by this?"

"One. The Angels just announced a plan to build a new stadium. Most are unaffected because there's a grandfather clause for stadiums renovated since 2010."

"That's a relief! We just renovated."

"In 2009."

Joe's brow furrowed and his face flushed; his demeanor darkening uncharacteristically.

"Then it's not just someone, Ms. Primrose. They all want me out."

He crumpled the letter and threw it across the room.