Things My One-Year-Old Used to Be Able to Do...

This is what sunroofs are for.

My one-year-old used to be able to:

  • Sing "Amazing Grace".
  • Count to 6, using most of the numbers along the way.
  • Name all the letters in the alphabet by sight.
  • Drive Grandpa's Corvette around the cul-de-sac.
  • Use an iPad, iPhone, iPod or iAnything like a pro. Including turning on the magnification feature no one could figure out how to turn off.
  • Build a lawn mower and a truck at Home Depot.
  • Somersault down a flight of stairs and ask to do it again.
  • Show off his vocabulary - turquoise, onomatopoeia, arrivederci, Isotopes.
  • Ask us to take him to a baseball game, then say "OK!", and go wait by the garage door.

Sadly, my one-year-old can no longer do any of these things.

Because, today, he's two.

Evan, I don't know where the time goes, but I do know this:

We love you.

Now, get in the car - we're going to a baseball game!

Sappy, precious memories...go!