The Cobbler's Buddy

I have a lanyard for my work badge.

Evan likes to play with it. He calls it "Daddy's necklace".

The other day Jana and Evan came to my office to have lunch. Evan started begging Jana to give him "Daddy's necklace". Thinking quickly, she clipped the badge from his Sunday School class to his shirt. He
stuck out his chest with pride.

Evan just wants to be like me. He follows me around the house, intensely interested in whatever I'm doing - from dishes to taxes to restroom breaks.

He looks to me as his daddy, his friend and his role model.

I was sick the other day. I was lying in bed, miserable. He climbed up into the bed, laid his head down on the pillow next to me and placed his hand on my cheek.

"Hi, Buddy", he said.

Am I training him well? Do I encourage him enough? Do I set clear boundaries? Do I live up to the trust he blindly gives me?

My dad is the best dad anyone could ask for. He has very large shoes to fill.

Am I making my shoes big enough?