I forgot about this phenomenon.

Last time, it involved shopping for groceries for hours until the store closed at midnight. This was an emergency and could not be put off until daylight hours, even though the baby wasn't due for two more months.

This time it's projects. Replacing lighting fixtures. Fixing the fountain pump in the back yard. Putting together the bookcase for the new office. Buying Evan's "big boy bed" and picking out Just. The. Right. Bedding. Painting the room. Painting the guest room. Painting our room.

I didn't want to paint our room. It's been fine for 5 years. I asked Jana what color she wanted. She said she liked the color we have now. I breathed a sigh of relief. Then she finished her sentence by saying she wanted it to be a semi-gloss finish instead of flat. We currently have flat. So apparently the goal is to have it look the same, but feel different. You know, for all those times we feel our walls.

The list is growing. The costs are mounting. I'm getting overwhelmed. I think it's time to get some help. I need another me.

Not a twin, though - someone who's handy. I'm the opposite of handy. I'm footy.

And I cannot wait to meet this new addition to our family.

Oh...I forgot to mention - we're having a baby!

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