Recalibrating the Fiddly Bits

We have meetings and conference calls all. the. time at work. I find them hilarious. The conference calls are project based, and we have them weekly whether anything new has come up or not. Every call goes like this:

Project Manager: Alan, what's your status on the wizzy-wig?

Alan: I've been analyzing our functional requirements and recalibrating the fiddly bits, but in order to proceed we'll need the flurbnibs configured.

Project Manager: Sally, where are you on the flurbnib configuration?

Sally: We've had several open discussions regarding the proper configuration technique. We're in the process of roadmapping the configuration timeline.

Project Manager: When can we expect that completion event?

Sally: There's a meeting planned next week for that dialogue.

Project Manager: Great. Good meeting everyone!

Me: Thanks, talk to you all again in our next meeting, which starts now. So, um, hello everyone.

This may sound like griping, but I'm actually having a lot of fun with these meetings. We had a project kick-off meeting yesterday. We had 12 people onsite and 4 offsite for this meeting. The purpose as stated in the agenda was to define the project scope and requirements. After an hour, the consensus was that we should meet again to define the project scope and requirements. Good meeting, everyone!

What games do you play during meetings? We play buzzword bingo.